A good friend of mine has been identified with some regurgitation in a few his coronary heart valves. We don’t know the seriousness but, and whether or not he may want replacements. This made me look into the state-of-the-art in non-invasive procedures. Once I was having my aortic valve changed, there was a non-invasive process out there known as Transcatheter aortic valve substitute (Tavr), however at the moment it had been solely accredited for sufferers who have been at greater danger of problems from standard heart-valve surgical procedure. It has since been accredited as an possibility for the overall inhabitants. Nevertheless, that may nonetheless not have been an possibility for me as a result of I had a congenital situation often known as a bicuspid aortic valve and Tavr doesn’t work for that.

It seems that within the six years since my surgical procedure, there was appreciable progress, and trans-catheter procedures are actually out there for all 4 coronary heart valves (proven beneath).

The non-Invasive Mitral Valve process is described right here.

The non-Invasive Pulmonic valve process is described right here.

The non-Invasive Tricuspid valve process is described right here.